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We are so excited to announce a second Whoville 5k in Northville, MI! In partnership with Gazelle Sports and Groove City Events, the Who family of characters will be making a trip to Northville High School on Sunday December 2. Don’t worry- Mr. And Mrs. Mayor will have plenty of time to get back to celebrate the season in Grand Rapids on Sunday December 9.
The best news? We’re taking the whole Whovillage to both locations! You can expect Mr. and Mrs. Mayor to lead the festivities, along with all of your favorite Who-characters and delicious treats on both sides of the state.

Wait!! What?? You’ve Never Heard of the Whoville 5K?

The Whoville 5K  is the funniest, coolest, never before seeniest, out of this world and happiest 5K this side of the Grand River…or even the other side of the Grand River!   This is a fun run 5K or close to that (not sure the exact distance…the Things keep moving the course on race day).  Everyone gets a  Whoville shirt, finisher medal and at the finish hot chocolate and xmas cookies for all runners and walkers!   The event is held at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids MI on December 9 at 1pm.

whoville quilt

Everyone registered for the Whoville 5K gets an entry for the quilt. You can buy additional entries during registration getting 6 chances for $5 bucks OR by donating to Feeding America West Michigan receiving 6 entries for $5 bucks!! You do not need to be present to win the quilt. Mrs Mayor and myself will deliver the quilt if you’re close to Whoville or by mail if you’re not!

fun for the whole family

We have a Kids Fun Run before the 5K run for ages 3yrs to 11 yrs old. Kids will get  a shirt and bib and be part of the Whoville Snowball fight. If you child is registered for the 5K they can join in the fun of the Kids run too.


Doug Bostian Race Director