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Residents will find all the details of the event on this page
Whoville Route MapWritten Description of Route

The Whoville 5K Run/Walk will take place on Sunday, December 2 at 1PM. Our base of operations(a.k.a. start and finish) will be the Northville High School.


This page will offer a 24/7 portal to residents for up-to-date information about our upcoming event.  You’ll find maps, course descriptions and other pertinent information that may effect you on race day.


Our goal is to have minimal effect on your plans for race day.  We are not closing the roads but only using one lane so residences can leave or return to their home during the event.  We feel the last walkers will be done with the event by 2:30pm.


If you’re not participating in the event please consider volunteering or coming out to cheers the Whos on as the run past your house!

Written description of Whoville 5K Route

(Left and Right directions are relative to the participant—Detailed intersection maps coming soon)

  • Leave High School property and turn EAST(Left) on 6 Mile Rd
  • Proceed EAST on 6 Mile Rd turn NORTH (Left) on Birchwood DR
  • Immediately turn EAST (Right) on White Pine Cir E
  • Participants run in the inner most lane as they travel through the subdivision.
  • Proceed on White Pine Cir E then turn SOUTH (Left) on Spring Hill Rd staying in the southern most lane.
  • Participants return to White Pine Cir E proceeding WEST (Left)
  • Participants then cross the intersection to Stonebrook Dr traveling in the EASTBOUND lane.
  • Participants then proceed and cross intersection to NORTH (right) on Cranbrook Dr then make an immediate turn WEST (Left) onto Rustic Hills
  • Then again making a quick turn NORTH (Right) on Hilltop View DR
  • Participants than make a turn SOUTH (Left) on Rolling Woods Circle staying in the NORTHBOUND Lane as they move SOUTH.
  • Next turn is EAST (Left) on Red Oak Dr then a quick turn SOUTH (Right) back onto Hilltop View DR using the NORTHBOUND Lane towards 6 Mile Rd.
  • Participants turn EAST (Left) onto 6 Mile Rd using the WESTBOUND Lane then turning NORTH (Left) back to the start/finish on High School Property.